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Consulting, Advocacy, Relationships, Execution and Service. These are the principal elements of O’Connor CARES Solutions that create a strong foundation on which to build client success. Creating a partnership in advocacy and execution to meet today’s challenges and assure future success is the business and promise of O’Connor CARES Solutions.

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Kevin's Portrait

Our Founder

Kevin O’Connor,
Founder & CEO

Kevin started his career differently than most.  Few products of Washington & Lee University learned to make life and death decisions while trying to subdue out of control fires, pulling victims from horrific accidents and providing life-saving emergency medical care.

A biopic in The Hill newspaper entitled “Ex Fire Fighter Still Answering the Call” traces O’Connor’s career from a young fire fighter to an effective advocate at the local and state levels, to his ultimate rise in becoming one of organized labor’s most effective and respected federal lobbyists and political strategists in Washington, DC.


When I headed FEMA, I could always rely on Kevin for appropriate counsel and support. As two former fire fighters, we knew what needed to be done for those impacted by disasters and for the men and women responding in harm’s way. From increasing grant funding for SAFER and AFG to improving USAR response capabilities to working on communications, wild land, EMS and other response issues, we partnered to improve the fire service and the federal government’s preparedness and response to any and all disasters.

R. David Paulison
Former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

While Kevin and I may differ on our partisan politics, our work as advocates for public safety was always bi-partisan. Our success allocating broadband spectrum for our first responders is one of my proudest victorys and we surprised a lot of folks working so well together….

Scott W. Reed
Senior Political Strategist, US Chamber of Commerce

Kevin has been a trusted friend and confidante for over 20 years. His service and insight on the board while we were growing First Mariner Bank was invaluable. In recent years, he’s helped me expand indoor soccer and boost the Baltimore Blast, the sport’s oldest and most successful franchise. Our trip to Israel to bolster economic development in Maryland was like no other. We were a great cheerleading and promotional team—me the CEO business guy and Kevin the union thug. But, it worked!

Edwin F. Hale
Chairman and CEO, Baltimore Blast Past Chairman, CEO, Baltimore Bancorp and First Mariner Bank

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